Contract Proposal and Support

CostTrend provides leadership and support to organizations that are responding to Government solicitations for new business opportunities. Our proposal support team is led by Principals with over thirty years’ of hand-on experience writing the Business and Cost/Price volumes of winning proposals.  We work with our clients to formulate a bid strategy and produce a proposal that clearly presents the value proposition – how your offer is the best available solution for that customer. We apply tested solutions that are tailored to the applicable procurement regulations for contracts or grants/cooperative agreements.

We support a wide range of proposal efforts, including:

  • Evaluating  the solicitation to assist with the Bid/No Bid decision
  • Serving as Volume Captain for the Cost/Price and Business sections
  • Developing the Cost/Price strategy and crafting Win Themes
  • Documenting the cost estimating practices and the Basis Of Estimate (BOE)
  • Creating new indirect expense rate structures or updating indirect cost rate calculations, and preparing new forward pricing proposals
  • Modeling contract costs, “what if” pricing, cash flow projections, and project  forecasts
  • Interfacing with vendors and subcontractors for pricing and contractual issues
  • Reviewing draft Teaming Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and subcontracts
  • Preparing the bid compliance matrices
  • Drafting the cost volume narratives
  • Evaluating the solicitation clauses, Reps & Certs, and subcontracting plans
  • Providing support during contract negotiations and pre- or post-award audits