Contracts Support

Programs funded by the US Government – Contracts, Grants, and Cooperative Agreements – are grounded in the Federal procurement regulations and contain extensive, arcane requirements that often seem unrelated to customer satisfaction and completion of the actual program objectives. These regulations create significant risk for a real or alleged administrative violation which can lead to suspension or debarment.  Our staff of seasoned professionals can provide the insights and counsel to mitigate these types of contractual risks.

CostTrend provides a range of services in contract administration, including:

  • Administration of contracts, grants and cooperative agreements
  • Interpretation of FAR, Agency FAR Supplements, CAS, and OMB Circulars
  • Development of compliance strategies and assessment of current exposure
  • Creation of written (compliant) policies and procedures
  • Preparation for contract audits and reviews
  • Resolution of findings of non-compliance
  • Administration of subcontract– procurement planning, bid evaluation, subcontract agreements, subcontract closeouts
  • Assistance with GSA Schedules – strategies, pricing, proposals, administration, audit support
  • Assistance with contract/task/delivery order closeouts and final invoices
  • Formation of the contract novation strategy and preparation of the ACO and CO novation packages.
  • Assessment of potential  Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI) and development of mitigation plans