Corporate Support

Government contracting is a turbulent and fast-paced environment, with acquisitions and disputes common. Whether handled administratively or through more formal channels (contract modifications or litigation), these corporate matters involve significant investment of human (time) and financial (money) resources. Our diverse government contract consulting team is well-suited to advise senior management on the corporate impact of issues unique to government accounting and contracting.

Our corporate support includes:

  • Identifying opportunities and liabilities before a M&A deal closes (Due Diligence for seller or buyer)
  • Supporting post-acquisition integration of merged operations, contracts, and accounting systems
  • Preparing Requests for Equitable Adjustment
  • Responding to a Termination for Convenience or Termination for Default
  • Interpreting FAR and CAS, rebutting Government audit findings, and mitigating False Claims Act assertions
  • Providing litigation support for CAS, FAR, or GSA recovery allegations or assertions
  • Providing bid protest support for pricing or cost realism issues
  • Evaluating alternative business models to insulate compliance and audit risk