Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) are an important internal control that documents a government contractor’s established practices in areas such as financial management, cost accounting, cost estimating, allowable and unallowable costs, and other areas related to contract compliance. The DCAA auditors and DCMA specialists use the written policies and procedures to assess whether the contractor operates in accordance with the regulations, and further test that the written P&Ps are consistent with actual contractor practices.

CostTrend works with you to develop adequate P&Ps, to assess whether your practices comply with regulations, and to resolve any compliance issues.

Our services include developing:

  • Financial and accounting P&Ps for both pre-award and post award audits.
  • Time reporting, expense reporting, and uncompensated overtime P&Ps
  • Cost estimating and pricing P&Ps
  • Travel P&Ps for compliance with FAR, AIDAR, and FTR
  • Purchasing/procurement P&Ps, including those required for CPSR
  • Other (please inquire)
Cost Trend
Cost Trend